Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Create a DNS Entry

You must create a DNS entry for the external server name. The procedure for this varies, depending on the DNS server software. The following procedure applies if DNS is running on a Windows 2000 Server. For more information about DNS, see Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Help in the DNS console.

Before performing the following procedure, you must have a static external Internet Protocol (IP) address that you can assign to your SharePoint Portal Server computer. This is not the same IP address as the static internal IP address for the server. You receive a range of static external IP addresses when you first establish Internet access through Network Solutions or through another company authorized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

The external static IP address is used when you map the external static IP address to the internal static IP address on the proxy server to create a “server publish.” For more information, see “Configure the Proxy Server” in this paper.

Note You should not need to create a DNS entry if the SharePoint Portal Server computer is on the Internet with no proxy server. If the server is directly on the Internet, the domain controller should already have an entry for the NetBIOS name. In this case, the NetBIOS name will also be the external (host) name.

To create a DNS entry on a Windows 2000 server

1. On the taskbar, click Start, point to Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click DNS.

2. Expand the node for one of the external DNS computers.

3. Expand the node for Forward Lookup Zones.

4. Right-click the correct zone file, and then click New Host. For example, if you are creating a DNS entry for the external server name of your SharePoint Portal Server computer, right-click

5. In Host, type the external server name. For example, if the external server name is AdventureWorks, type AdventureWorks.

6. In IP address, type the external static IP address of the SharePoint Portal Server computer. This is not the same as the static internal IP address for your server.

7. Select the Create associated pointer (PTR) record check box.

8. Click Add Host.

9. Click OK, and then click Done.

10. Replicate to all DNS computers or wait 15-30 minutes for replication.

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